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There is a website now!

‘Well duh, weird game creator person, what else am I reading this text on? Besides, who is going to read this random website, you can’t even get more than 35 Twitter followers interested in your drivel~’ You state, pompously.

True, true…

But joking aside, with Rogschard’s content starting to grow, more and more questions have been coming in, so I thought it would be a good moment to set up a wiki. This will allow users to find answers to most gameplay-related inquiries on their own.

Now, the problem is that all publicly available fan-wikis kinda disallow strongly pornographic content* (Adult game wikis do get made, but are often deleted months or years later by the moderators). Needless to say, that sucks, so I needed a place to host the wiki where I knew it would be safe. That is this site, the blog is kinda tangential because I wanted a front page to the website, instead of hard-directing to a wiki.

Maybe I will post stuff here, maybe I won’t, I guess we will find out together.

* It is often in a grey area, but with games like this, you are just asking to be banned