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There is a website now!

‘Well duh, weird game creator person, what else am I reading this text on? Besides, who is going to read this random website, you can’t even get more than 35 Twitter followers interested in your drivel~’ You state, pompously.

True, true…

But joking aside, with Rogschard’s content starting to grow, more and more questions have been coming in, so I thought it would be a good moment to set up a wiki. This will allow users to find answers to most gameplay-related inquiries on their own.

Now, the problem is that all publicly available fan-wikis kinda disallow strongly pornographic content* (Adult game wikis do get made, but are often deleted months or years later by the moderators). Needless to say, that sucks, so I needed a place to host the wiki where I knew it would be safe. That is this site, the blog is kinda tangential because I wanted a front page to the website, instead of hard-directing to a wiki.

Maybe I will post stuff here, maybe I won’t, I guess we will find out together.

* It is often in a grey area, but with games like this, you are just asking to be banned

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I thought I’d stop by and say you’re doing something really special. I wish there was a way to support you /without/ receiving ‘access’ to discords or whatever. I’m ancient, misanthropic, and the mere concept of them makes my desire to get involved evapourate, aha – anyway.

Just that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a project so full of life. I really hope you keep creating it, and keep creating it in accordance with what you want, and not what the masses want. Game design by committee ends in tragedy, whether it’s from the top down, or the reverse. Naturally, you’re entirely welcome to ignore that – and nuke this comment from orbit, too!

Just know that, while there’s certainly things I’d like more of, that someone out there was quite touched by your writing; and whether that matters a little, or quite a lot, that it’s yours to do with as you please. Best!

Thank you for your kind words!

Don’t worry about supporting the project if Patreon ain’t your speed, a nice comment is plenty of support.
I will continue Rogschard until it is done, which it won’t be for a long time, and I still have several strange plans for it.
You can look forward to that.

Love, Nranchs

I am afraid I will have to lock the comments here. Nobody is using them, but the spambots sure have found this place. There is too much spam for me to filter out any real messages, so I will be turning them off

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