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Adremmada is one of the Qir Priestesses that service the temple in the Tech Boulevard. During public conversation, she always upholds a lovely and motherly demeanor, however, you don't doubt that a fierce hunger and deep ambition hide under her scant robes. Usually, she can be found giving preaching in the Nave of the temple.

She is one of the people who can see the growing power inside the Protagonist, in response she instructs members of the church to track their every move.

  • Class: [Priestess]
  • Level: 30
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Boulevard Temple


Adremmada can be fought at the north end of the Qir dungeon F3.

Boss fight phase 1

A text based puzzle. Order: Talk to Fishladle -> talk to Dayji -> talk to Dayji -> Talk to Fishladle -> Talk to Dayji -> Attack Adremmada

  • Available since: v0.2.17.0

Boss fight phase 2

A regular Map fight without any special mechanics, starts after completing Boss fight phase 1. Watch your lust meter to ensure the damage does not overwhelm you. Both Adremmada and Dayji have various resistances, it might be a good idea to use Inspect to check them. The fight is own after both Dayji and Adremmada are down.

  • Available since: v0.2.17.0

Sex scenes

Mox's divine sacrifice

Adremmada is one of the named characters present during the orgy at the end of the Mox's divine sacrifice quest.

  • Available since: v0.15.0

Give in to your drool urges

Give in to your drool urges. (feminine partner, cravings, aphrodisiac)

  • Requires: Mosqir drool cravings (high)
  • Available since: v0.2.15.0