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Arachnids have large spider-like bodies, on top of which rests a normal-sized humanoid torso. They are capable of spinning thread from the spinnerets on their hind abdomen segment, and use this to build themselves large nest structures in their living quarters, and often beyond. Most of their kind is strongly driven towards being on the top of the social hierarchy. This also manifests itself as a desire towards holding a strong dominant position in their sexual relationships. Any Arachnid that does well of themselves, is likely to accrue many partners, gathering themself a harem solely because then can.

Despite the unwieldy size of their body, most Arachnids do relatively well in modern society. They are highly competitive, and are naturally inclined to play the social game, aiming to usurp leadership positions, making them well suited for the corporate office. However, their large nesting structures are widely considered an undesired menace by most other creatures, often resulting in social tensions.

  • Body type: Large-sized spider body with humanoid frame on top, 6 legs and two arms, makes webs
  • Gender distribution: 50% Male / 50% Female
  • Relation to sex: Pleasure, social bonding
  • Reproductive bits: Penis, vagina, ovipositor
  • Reproduction method: Sex, Eggs
  • Desirability as partner (culturally): Normal
  • Partakes in regular society: Yes