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The Bombyxi take their name from the silkmoth, the Bombix mori. They are capable of hovering and gliding, but their wing muscles are too weak for upward flight. Unlike their namesake, they are capable of ingesting a wide array of food, even types of fabric, paper and wood that most other species consider indigestible. They hold a peculiar position in society, as not unlike the noble white dove and the sky-rat that is the pigeon, the Bombixi can be a boon or pest based on circumstance. As rapid breeders capable of subsisting on nothing but old socks and dusty paperwork, lesser Bombyxi are a common scourge to anyone in possession of an uninhabited attic.

Bombyxi spin large silk nests in which they sleep and lay their eggs.

  • Body type: Common size, two arms, sizable white or gray wings, has a large abdomen segment sticking out of their behind
  • Gender distribution: 50% male / 50% female
  • Relation to sex: Reproductive, pleasure, eggs. Eggs build up in the abdomen segment regardless of fertilization. Bombixi females need to have an egg laying session about once a week
  • Relation type common: Generally poly or non-bonding
  • Reproductive bits: Penis, vagina, short ovipositor
  • Reproduction method: Sex
  • Desirability as partner (culturally): Common
  • Partakes in regular society: Most not civilized, some domesticated