Church of Qir

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The Church of Qir is the fertility cult founded by the Mosqir, and later joined by a significant number Hivelings, and some Mimics. Many speculate the church was founded to consolidate the Mosqir's many tribes, unifying them in their desire to obtain a near limitless supply of obedient sexual playthings. They promote themselves as a communion of sexually freed persons, but in practice their teachings boil down to a belief that people should give in to any and all sexual urges they have, fucking whoever, whenever, wherever, always. A belief that if followed, as some people have noted, quite benefits the female-only sexually-predatory Mosqir.

The church financially sustains itself by providing services to the public in its temples. In these holy sights, various rituals are offed by its highly trained [Priestess] class members. Services like: class resets, de-cursing, and curing magical induced cravings and other ailments. For this reason, the temple attracts significant numbers of prospect adventures and other people who deal with the magical or monstrous.

A second type of service is offered too, this one more in line with the fertility part of the organization. All temples to Qir seek to promote their values of unrestrained indulgence of one's sexual urges to all who visit, and the church's converts see it as their duty to tempt any who enter the church's halls. Temples deliver good service, but have a bad reputation for attempting to coerce customers to join in their ceremonies. The devout followers of Qir are known to be a tad more than acceptably pushy when it comes to getting you to join them in the Sanctum, regularly resorting to coercion, blackmail, or drugging in order to drag in a tasty snack.

The church is currently led by The Blood Red Lady, but little is know about her.