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A timid-looking female Weredog tends the bar at the Church of Qir. Her appearance seems a beacon innocence. She wears a long skirt, on her back is strapped a traditional healer's staff, and a large ornament holds her hair together. Yet, something about the way her eyes wander over the patrons of the establishment is all wrong. A raw hunger seems to drip from her gaze, feral and lined with sharp fangs, the eyes of a predator. Something tells you she might be more dangerous than any single Mosqir wandering these halls.

  • Class: [Corruption Bard]
  • Level: 10
  • Gender: Female


The Weredog turns to you, giving you a long and invasive once-over, before finally acknowledging your request.

'What can I get you today?' She asks.



Corpi can be found in the Boulevard sewers as a wandering enemy. Her fight uses the simulated combat/sex system.

Update history

  • Corpi's portrait was added in v0.2.1.0
  • Corpi's dynamic fight was added in v0.2.2.0