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Dayji is a servant of old Rogschard, although her old position and occupation are unknown to you. Judging from her stories, she was born a child of a Rogschard guild member, and was raised by the servants of the court. The fall of the old guild appears to have hurt her very badly, causing her to largely forgo social contacts before you were granted the position of guildmaster. She has vouwed to ensure your bloodline continues, whatever the cost, even if it goes against your wishes, to ensure a future for Rogschard.

  • Class: [Assassination Thief]
  • Level: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Organizational ties: Old Rogschard
  • Location: Dayji's 24/7

Sex scenes

After having sex with Dayji once, her sex menu becomes available, after which the 'Go for some scissoring' stat requirements are dropped.

Breed her

Take Dayji on the nearby desk, perhaps blessing her with one of those heirs she wants so much. (feminine partner, top, vaginal)

  • Requires: Penis

Go for some scissoring

You might not be able to get Dayji pregnant, but that does not mean you can enjoy a good time with her. (feminine partner, top, oral, scissoring)

  • Requires: Vagina and (instinct 11 or wisdom 13)

Let her do as she pleases (Winter Holiday)

Mess around with drunk Dayji during the Winter holiday festivities, and get dragged into a messy night with Nooks and Fishladle. (male and female partners, bottom, orgy)

Grind yourself against her fuzzy body

Give Dayji a nice massage. (feminine partner, top, grinding)

  • Requires: Penis / Vagina
  • Available since: v0.2.15.0

Unique pregnancies

Half-Bombyxi child

Some time after you have had some fun with her, Dayji starts feeling funny in her abdomen segment.

  • Length: 300.0 ticks
  • Reminder scenes: 3
  • Children are your own: yes
  • Available since v0.16.0


Dayji is automatically recruited at the end of the prologue.