Dramnok Hexblade

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Dramnok is the founder and guildmaster of old Rogschard. Known for both his peerless skill in magic and warlockery alike, he shaped the once small monster guild into a force able to go head to head with Greater Amsterdam's ruling powers. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances 15 years ago, leaving no family or heirs, and appointing no successor, causing Rogschard to dissolve shortly after. His grimoire, the Hougeton contains the only way known to appoint a new guildleader, but its whereabouts are unknown.

  • Class: [Hexblade Sorcerer]
  • Level: 60
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: By appearance Human, but many have speculated that he is too powerful to be a mere hairless monkey.


Dramnock can be fought at the end of the regular sotry in the Qir dungeon F3.

Boss fight

Stage 1

Dranmock will use heavy direct fire attacks, make sure you wear dome Fire resist armor to negate the damage. The spell absolute zero will be quite effective, ass well as its lesser varient ice shard. The Ring of Undeath can help with the negate life attack.

Stage 2

Dranmock will use heavy summon ice turrets, as well as do heavy ice damage. The turrets are fragile but do heavy damgage. Take them out quickly. Also swap to some Ice resist gear as the phase begins.

Stage 3

Talk to Dayji, Fishladle, and Adrammeda, and perfom the needed actions to get them back on their feet.

  • Available since v1.0.0.0
  • Losing this fight will result in the 'Get punished' loss scene.
  • Completing this fight will finish the main story

Sex scenes

Get punished

Get punished by Dramnock. (masculine partner, bottom, anal)

  • How to access: Lose the bossfight

Update history

  • Bossfight added in version v1.0.0.0