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nce thought to be a species of noble, sophisticated and dignified people, unfortunately reality leaves much to be desired. After the Replication, with the newfound security of the human cities, Elven males had started largely forgoing relationships with their female counterparts. Somewhat understandably, Elven females are well known for their aggressive nature, fragile pride, and endless self pity. Instead, Elven males now spend their days practicing the arts, reading each other poetry, enjoying some male on male company, or collectively wanking over their low-carbs high-protein kale and hazelnut salads.

This has caused the female half of the Elven species to go into a mental tailspin. Unable to comprehend that nobody wants to fuck them because of their awful personalities, most female Elves instead blame their inability to get laid on a secret conspiracy to destroy the Elven species. Luckily, Elves can also reproduce without the need for intercourse, otherwise the species would indeed have been long since extinct, albeit completely due to their own doing.

  • Body type: Tall
  • Gender distribution: 50% male / 50% female
  • Relation to sex: Pleasure / status. Elves normally do not reproduce sexually, though they have functioning organs
  • Relation types common: Monogamous, albeit that the females have a culture that encourages cheating
  • Reproductive bits: Penis, vagina
  • Reproduction method: Magic (and occasionally sexually). Born from the fruits of the great tree. Made in the image of the first Elves
  • Desirability as partner (culturally): Females: undesirable, Males: good
  • Partakes in regular society: Yes
  • Intercourse method: Regular