Female Slime

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Female Slime


It is a slime, about the size of an adult human. From her shapeless base rises the form of a young woman, well endowed with on the chest and hips. Her large nipples already stand erect in anticipation, roused by the thrill of tracking prey. It seems conflict is inevitable.


Female Slimes can only be encountered after building the Slime nest, although this is likely to change in the future when the dungeon systems receive an upgrade.

Graveyard fight

Female slimes will jump you at various locations in the graveyard.

  • To beat: Keep attacking her until she goes down. If she grapples you, keep struggling, failing to break her hold in time results in massive damage.
  • Losing this fight due to Lust death results in the loss scene 'Let her take you with her tentacles'.
  • At the end of this fight you can choose between two adult scenes. 'Let her please you with her tits' or 'Let her work your slit with her long tongue'.

Graveyard fight (simulated)

After completing the regular story fight, all other encounters will result in simulated fights against the Female slime. You can still access her scenes in the dungeon.

  • Available since v0.2.1.0

Sex scenes

The sex scenes can also be accessed by talking to the Female slime in the Slime nest, after beating Female slimes in the overworld a certain number of times.

Let her please you with her tits

Place your shaft between her lovely jugs and have a little rubbing session (feminine partner, top, titjob)

  • Requires: Penis
  • How to access: Beat her in the 'Graveyard fight'.

Let her work your slit with her long tongue

Make her please your slit. (feminine partner, top, oral)

  • Requires: Vagina
  • How to access: Beat her in the 'Graveyard fight'.

Let her take you with her tentacles

You have been dominated, and now the slime will claim her prize. (feminine partner, bottom, tentacles, all orifices)

  • How to access: Lose the 'Graveyard fight' via Lust death.

Unique pregnancies

Impregnate Femle slime

The player can impregnate the Female slime with baby Slimes.

  • Length: 300.0 ticks
  • Reminder scenes: 3
  • Children are your own: yes
  • Available since v0.21.0