Guild Conflicts

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Guild conflicts are fights between Guilds for territory, often over a district of Greater Amsterdam. Whitehat guilds make their money solely by hunting monsters and raiding Dungeons, selling whatever loot they find. However, most districts have far too few monsters to keep even a small guild operational, and naturally occurring dungeons are extremely rare. This makes Whitehat guilds highly dependent on the size of their territory, or the presence of Grayhat and Backhat guilds in the territories they already have.

Grayhat guilds also do monster hunting, as well as operate a summoning ring. This ensures they will always have a steady supply of monsters, as long as they have a sufficiently powerful summoner. Operating a summoning ring is considered illegal, as the risk of monsters running amok and attacking the citizens is significant, but authorities are unlikely to interfere as long as the bribes are paid and the incidents stay at a minimum.

Blackhat guilds run dungeons, funneling the monstrous overflow of their labyrinths to the surface. They use their monstrous hordes to ransack rival guilds and other parties they consider hostile. Their dungeons are well loved targets of Whitehat and Grayhat guilds, who get a reputation boost from dealing with criminals and a get giant horde of monsters to slay.