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Harpies are birdlike humanoids, what would be their arms are actually a pair of heavy-duty wings. At their full extent, their wingspan is nearly twice their height, and flapping their wings is a noisy and energy-intensive affair, causing Harpies to vastly prefer gliding over upward flight. The end of the second wing segment is roughly where the human hand would be, and Harpies have two claw-like appendages there, but they are exclusively used to hang from ledges. Most of their precise operations are done by holding things in their mouth or handling them with their dexterous feet, which come with an opposable toe for handling tools.

Harpies have a strong instinct to build large twig nests in high places, which forms a common heath and safety hazard in cities, as they build their nests on top of roofs and electricity poles. During the occasional storms, Harpy nests have a tendency to collapse onto nearby pedestrians, or collapse the roofs of homeowners after too many bird-kin huddle together on the same precarious construction. These bird-kin do partake in corporate culture, albeit mostly as physical laborers, due to their difficultly in handling paper documents and electronics.

Harpies have a complex and expansive set of sexual customs and rituals that are poorly understood outside of avian circles. Most Harpies take multiple partners, mating both in and out of their own social units, and spend a lot of time hunting for victims to drag into their nests.

  • Body type: Average sized frame, light weight, wing arms, feather plume 'tail'
  • Gender distribution: 50% male / 50% female
  • Relation to sex: Pleasure, social bonding
  • Relation type common: Unknown and archaic mating rituals involving many partners
  • Reproductive bits: Penis, vagina
  • Reproduction method: Sex, eggs
  • Desirability as partner (culturally): Normal
  • Partakes in regular society: Some, but not all
  • Intercourse method: Females have a cloaca, a single orifice containing both the anal and vaginal openings