Havoc Tech

From Rogschard's wiki


During the greatest change, people will cling to the past the hardest. The Havoc Hex makes any pre-Replication computer into a potential danger, as the Havoc virus will seek to replicate itself in any functioning microchip, often causing catastrophic magical effects in the process. This rendered most of the old ways of working with technology obsolete. However, business is nothing if not stubborn and stuck in its ways, so the demands for working computers were enormous, and the potential payouts huge.

A solution was found, and it is called Havoc tech. In basic terms, it was found that by super-sizing the chips, the Havoc Hex could no longer replicate effectively. It is theorized that the Havoc Hex requires a certain spatial density of information to operate. When combined with magic anti-patterns in the code, most risks of replication accidents can be avoided. These new macro-chips reintroduced some computing back into the world, albeit at impractical cost and size.