Hornspore Cluster

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Hornspore Cluster


Before you stands a tangle of Hornspores, growing into every phallic shape imaginable. Juicy breast sprout on top of splayed legs, that grow between bulging dicks, that sit next to dripping cunts, that hang above juicy asses.


Hornspore Clusters can be found on the map denoted by the Mushroom tile. Entering their tile will always trigger an encounter.

Map encounter

Once you run into a Hornspore cluster on the map, you will automatically enter combat with it. If you do not have any Hornspore craving, you can simply leave.

Sex scenes

The easiest way to give in to the Hornspores is to lower your Wisdom by getting drunk, you can buy Beers in Corpi's shop before triggering the encounter.

  • If your lust is in excess of 80 or you have Hornspore cravings (mid) you can not leave the Hornspore encounter without triggering an adult scene.

Shove your dick into one of the holes

Take one of the many available faux holes. (inanimate object, aphrodisiac)

  • Requires: Penis
  • How to access: Lust 80 or higher, or Libido 12, or Hornspore cravings (low)

Take one of the phallic appendages in your cunt

Ride one of the many available faux cocks. (inanimate object, aphrodisiac)

  • Requires: Vagina
  • How to access: Lust 80 or higher, or Libido 12, or Hornspore cravings (low)

Indulge your cravings

The Drainfly gets on top of you and rides your cock. (inanimate partner, aphrodisiac, mushroom philosophy)

  • Requires: Hornspore cravings (high)