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These strange clusters of mushrooms stated popping up in Greater Amsterdam a couple of years ago. First, they were only found in the deepest parts of the abandoned subway network, but soon they started cropping up in many of the city's out-of-the-way areas. Authorities aren't quite sure how they eat and reproduce, but many have speculated they live almost exclusively of the love-fluids of other life forms. These fluids contain a high density of flux, causing the speculation that these shrooms are a monstrous magical construct.

Hornspores attract unsuspecting victims with a aphrodisiac they spread via spore clouds. These spores cannot be seen with the naked eye, but emit an alluring sweet smell, that draws the prey close. The aphrodisiac is known to cause lasting cravings, causing the poor victims to willingly surrender their love-juices to the Hornspores, again, and again, and again.

  • Body type: Mushroom clusters
  • Gender distribution: 100% shroom
  • Relation to sex: Fluid extraction
  • Reproductive bits: Fake everything
  • Reproduction method: Unknown

Hornspore cravings

The player can get the condition Hornspore cravings (low/mid/high) after having various sexual encounters with the Hornspores. Higher levels of Hornspore cravings do give slight stat penalties, at higher levels certain diallage options will become unavailable, and some attacks of Hornspore enemies will become more powerful. The Mosqir priestess Adremmada is able to cure this condition.