Howlamir Roughpoof

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Big hairy shopkeeper responsible for Roughpoof Apparel. He was once a talented fighter who was known far and wide for his unmatched strength, often even fighting entire raids of monsters 1-on-1. But after the guild work became sparse, he retired and started his own clothing store, where he would fall head over heels for the first employee he hired, Flutty Fooftals. The two of them now live together above the titular store, selling cute clothes, and attempting to real in potential hookups, to be shared between the two of them.

  • Class: [Berserker Warrior]
  • Gender: Male
  • Relational ties: Flutty's boyfriend


Look around, feel free to use the fitting rooms if a piece strikes your fancy. Or you could change right in front of me, I don't mind~


Sex scenes

Let him take you in your ass

Let the big boy ravage your squishy behind (masculine partner, bottom, anal)

  • How to access: Ask Howlamir to fuck you.

Let him take you in your cunt

Let the big boy ravage your squishy cunt (masculine partner, bottom, vaginal)

  • How to access: Ask Howlamir to fuck you.
  • Available since v0.2.5.0

Flutty / Howlamir treesome

Get yourself spit-roasted by Flutty and Howlamir (masculine partners, bottom, anal, oral, spit-roast)

  • How to access: Talk to Howlamir about Flutty, after beating Flutty in the Graveyard 3 times.
  • Available since v0.17.0

Unique pregnancies

Impregnate player

Howlamir can impregnate the player with Wolfmorph cubs.

  • Length: 300.0 ticks
  • Reminder scenes: 3
  • Children are your own: yes
  • Available since v0.17.0