Machine elemental

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Machine elemental


A man of massive proportions stands before you. Steel and magic, a being of the forbidden arts, a Machine elemental.

  • Class: [Big-bulk Warrior]
  • Level: 12
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Machine elemental


Machine elemental appears as an enemy in the Orcmin labs.

Orcmin labs 1st fight

During this encounter you will have to meet various conditions to will. The simplest way to beat the Machine elemental is to collect the Ring of Anti-spark and Experimental muscle potion, both are found on Orcmin labs. Equip the Ring of Anti-spark before the fight, and drink the Experimental muscle potion during the fight, then talk to the Machine elemental and use the relevant speech options to win.

  • This fight includes 3 victory scene 'Take his ass', 'Ride his cock', and 'Ride his cock with your ass'.
  • Available since v0.2.4.0

Orcmin labs (simulated)

After completing the regular story fight, all other encounters will result in simulated fights against the Machine elemental.

Sex scenes

Take his ass

Take the beefcake in his well-trained back door (masculine partner, top, anal)

  • Requires: Penis
  • How to access: Win Orcmin labs 1st fight.

Ride his cock

Let the beefcake take your sacred gates (masculine partner, bottom, vaginal)

  • Requires: Vagina
  • How to access: Win Orcmin labs 1st fight.

Ride his cock with your ass

Let the beefcake take your tight hole (masculine partner, bottom, anal)

  • How to access: Win Orcmin labs 1st fight.

Update history

  • Machine elemental was added in v0.2.4.0.