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Fight strange and wonderfully horny monsters, explore a weird alternate-dimension Amsterdam, wield your sexual prowess in a quest for love and glory!

Hello there lovely, I am Nranchs, writer and a maker of naughty imagery. Normally I spend my time digging through old folklore books and brewing terrible cider, but little beats my love for making video games, which I have been doing for the last 15 years in various places on the internet. You can find me, and my stuff on, my blog, and Discord.

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Story synopsis

They say great leaders are born, not made. You wouldn't know, you can barely afford rent, let alone rule anything. But all of that changes the day you accidentally resurrect the greatest monster guild, 15 years after its mysterious disappearance.

Within days, every crimeboss, police chief and private investigator will be out for your blood. So either you become guildlord the world thinks you are, or you will die as the office schmuck you once were.

Scramble through a tale of crime, dungeons, office jobs, and loyalty, to ensure the happiness and safety of your newfound guild of horny monsters.


Mu'ngstint the Drainfly, Howlamir Roughpoof, Mona Commonplace, Mekill Goodmoney, Nooks, Mell the Soothsayer, Dramnok Hexblade, Adremmada, Falzly the Acolyte, Mox Milledew, Flutty Fooftals, Fishladle, Dayji, The Blood Red Lady, Tenoxy, Female Slime, Male Slime, Hornspore Cluster, The Printer, Corpi the Barkeep, Toeëater Nullbolt, Nuby the Caretaker, Primilla Scadir, Rozzedew the Eager, Rustsock Warmtail, Wood sprite, Vebbeddinner Quickthread, Male Arachnid, Female Arachnid, Male Walking Hornspore, Female Walking Hornspore, Gaggle of Harpies, Machine elemental, Bramble fairy, Sparkmind, Trash-no-sweep, The slimy one, Smoothmane, Wundhawl, Hole in the wall

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Main Quest, Nooks' printer troubles, Odd, odd, Mona, The one named Mona, Going full nude, or not, Kobold knowledge, The sleeping servant, A dog eager to dig, Monster raid, Mox's mushroom dinner, Peculiar chittering, Mox's divine sacrifice, Temple gate, Get the beer, Mu's nest (quest), Eight legged evil, The wingman and the dog, Get fired, Arm yourself, Infinite knowledge, Fishladle's hunt for shinies, Tenoxy trouble, Trouble down below, Comprehending the batty bat, Mox's mind control adventure

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Trash-no-sweep, Hougeton, Kobold egg, Lesser health potion, Death's door draft, Shady aphrodisiac, Lust suppressant, Liquid Flux, Office Jeans, Office Blouse, Office Jacket, Polka Dot Underwear, Office Shoes, Plain bra, Hipster shades, Green dog collar, Pink dog collar, Sandals, Pink skirt, Maroon checkered skirt, Ring of Undeath, Polyester hoody, Beer, Plain panties, Undershirt, Blue knee socks, Pink knee socks, Gear collar, Pink long-sleeve shirt, Slut shirt, Heart shirt, Denim jeans, Denim shorts, Lacy panties, Lacy bra, Snowwyrm gauntlet left, Snowwyrm gauntlet right, Snowwyrm coat, Snowwyrm pants, Snowwyrm boots, Dildo, Cock sleeve, Oblivion draft, Scroll of knowledge, Scroll of greater knowledge, Draft of strength, Draft of defence, Draft of skill, Draft of libido, Draft of instinct, Draft of wisdom, Breeder's delight, Goblin egging supreme, Egg fast, Kobold's quick laying brew, Fertility suppressant, Fertility stop, Greater health potion, Succubus draft, Lust obliterator, Greater liquid flux, Maid uniform shoes, Maid uniform panties, Maid uniform bra, Maid uniform skirt, Maid uniform top, Copper ring, Copper earrings, Flame ring, Defense ring, Numb ring, Deaf ring, Dim ring, Beast Ring, Thief Ring, Duster, The great floppy menace, The penetrator, Flame orb, Longsword, Ritual dagger, Ornate shield, Flux berry, Ornate tulip, Delicate bamboo, Golden bean, Supreme aubergine, Ring of luck, Experimental muscle potion, Ring of Anti-spark, Buttplug, Crossbow, Longbow, Throwing dagger, Large stick, Frying pan, Rusty longsword, Mermaid ring, Firewalker ring, Icewalker ring, Sandy denim shorts, Sandy denim jeans, Black denim shorts, Black denim jeans, Dapper pink shoes, Dapper pink jeans, Dapper pink blazer, Stylish red shoes, Stylish red jeans, Stylish red blazer, Striped panties, Flower pants, Striped skirt, Striped bra, Flower shoulder cloth, Clown shoes, Black bell collar, Blaze chestplate, Blaze plateleggings, Blaze plateboots

Chitterspeech for beginners, Book of Summon Wood Sprite, Tome of Mark of the lecher, Tome of Mark of the shield, Tome of Mark of the berserker, Tome of Mark of the thief, Tome of Mark of the beast, Tome of Mark of the wise, Tome of Dazing slam, Tome of Song of seduction, Tome of Arm lock, Tome of Breeding thrusts, Tome of Ass hunter, Tome of Seed squeeze, Tome of The back-door of unending tightness, Tome of Growth, Tome of Barter, Tome of Luck, Tome of Healing touch

Fishladle's eggnog, Holiday panties, Holiday stockings, Holiday bra, Holiday skirt, Holiday collar, Holiday shoulder cloth, Holiday shoes, Holiday pants, Silver ring, Silver earrings, Snowy cloud, Snow elemental, Miniature holiday tree, Xmas pudding, Xmas chocolate

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Humans, Kobolds, Weredogs, Elves, Orcs, Mimics, Drainflies, Bombyxi, Mosqir, Werecats, Wolfmorphs, Hornspores, Slimes, Greater Slimes, Half Kobolds, Goblins, Werebats, Hiveling, Nudibranchs, Arachnids, Harpies, Fairy

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The Replication, The Havoc Hex, Havoc Tech, Faxcee, Office Schmuck, Classes, Job, Guilds, Guild Conflicts, Dungeons, Old Rogschard, Greater Amsterdam, Inspect, Monsters, Dayji's delinquents, Guild loyalty, Guild recruitment, Dungeon structures, Soul formation, Guilders, Church of Qir, Corpse lords

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Your apartment, Roughpoof apparel, Apartment complex F7, Apartment complex F5, Apartment complex F0, Apartment complex basement, Harpydust residential, Tech boulevard, Graveyard, Graveyard underground, Graveyard west, Orcmin soft, IT department, Dayji's 24/7, Dayji's basement, Throne room, Dungeon core, Dungeon F1, Dungeon F2, Dungeon F3, Church of qir, Large crypt, Temple alleyway, Mu's nest, Boulevard sewers, Overgrowth, Orcmin labs, Orcmin labs F2, Orcmin labs F3, Underground north, Underground south, Underground east, Qir dungeon F1, Qir dungeon F2, Qir dungeon F3

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Empty chamber, Bar, Quarry, Grove, Farm, Moist room, Slime nest, Pit arena, Insect hive, Summoning ring, Dungeon cells, Treasury, Alchemy shop, Equipment shop, Barracks, Advanced foundation, Lumber mill, Stoneworks, Grain silo, Boneyard, Library, Witch's hall, Laboratory, Guildmaster statue, Pickpocket's retreat, Den of thieves, Enchanting table

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Skills, Research, Pregnancy, Drunkenness, Dungeon building, Mosqir drool cravings, Hornspore cravings