Male Slime

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Male Slime


A male slime, likely an escapee from Rogschard's dungeon. He looks at you with hungry eyes, his body reshaping itself into the form of a smooth and squishy twenty-something. From his crotch sprouts a thick and drooling phallus, shaped out of the same ooze as the rest of his body, and it seems he knows exactly what he wants to do with his newfound cock.


Male Slimes can only be encountered after building the Slime nest, although this is likely to change in the future when the dungeon systems receive an upgrade.

Graveyard fight

Male slimes will jump you at various locations in the graveyard.

  • To beat: He is normally invulnerable. When he chargers a big attack, block him next turn. After his attack is deflected, you can hit him. Repeat this 2 times to win.
  • Losing this fight due to HP death results in the loss scene 'Let him have your ass'.
  • At the end of this fight you can choose between two adult scenes. 'Have him work your shaft' or 'Get him to fuck your cunt'.

Graveyard fight (simulated)

After completing the regular story fight, all other encounters will result in simulated fights against the Male slime. You can still access his scenes in the dungeon.

  • Available since v0.2.1.0

Sex scenes

The sex scenes can also be accessed by talking to the male slime in the Slime nest, after beating Male slimes in the overworld a certain number of times.

Have him work your shaft

Make him give you a blowjob. (masculine partner, top, oral)

  • Requires: Penis
  • How to access: Beat him in the 'Graveyard fight'.

Get him to fuck your cunt

Make him take you in the slit. (masculine partner, top/bottom, vaginal)

  • Requires: Vagina
  • How to access: Beat him in the 'Graveyard fight'.

Let him have your ass

You have been dominated, and now the slime will claim his prize. (masculine partner, bottom, anal)

  • How to access: Lose the 'Graveyard fight' via HP death.

Unique pregnancies

Impregnate player

The Male slime can impregnate the player with baby Slimes.

  • Length: 300.0 ticks
  • Reminder scenes: 3
  • Children are your own: yes
  • Available since v0.21.0