Male Walking Hornspore

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Male Walking Hornspore


Before you shuffles a humanoid being, consisting completely out of Hornspores flesh, its head a giant mushroom. The sent of his aphrodisiatic spores surrounding him makes your head spin, and your lust come to a boil. A bulging dick sprouts from between the shroom-person's legs, dripping a constant stream of clear liquid, staining the floor with pre.

  • Class: [Spore Summoner]
  • Level: 8
  • Gender: Male


Male Walking Hornspore is a wandering enemy in the Boulevard sewers. Their fight uses the simulated combat/sex system. They have an attack that becomes stronger the higher level of Hornspore cravings the player has. At high level cravings it is better to get yourself cured before fighting the hornspores.

Update history

  • Available since v0.2.2.0