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Mimics are perhaps one of the strangest beings one can encounter in modern cities. The creatures known as mimics are actually a great collection of tiny spirits known as shifters. Individually, shifters are almost mindless, and completely controlled by instinct. But when combining in great numbers, they gain a collective sentience, causing the collective to act as an individual person.

This mind can preserve its self-awareness, even if a large part of the mimics body is lost. But once to much of the shifters are permanently removed from the collective, the mind will start to decay, and eventually become irretrievably lost. A mimics level of intelligence is related to the amount shifters their collective consists of, with small mimics being often no smarter then an animal. Larger mimics, with a suitable level of intelligence, are occasionally found within the modern workforce.

The mimics utilize their collective form by rearranging themselves to resemble objects. In the wild, mimics use this shapeshifting to lure unsuspecting prey into coiling bellies. The prey would then be eaten for sustenance, or be spit back out after getting stuffed with a large helping of shifter eggs.

  • Body type: Shapeshifters
  • Gender distribution: No gender
  • Relation to sex: Reproductive, pleasure through reproduction, eggs
  • Relation types common: Mostly non-bonding with other species, the relationship between a mimic and other mimics is complicated
  • Reproductive bits: Tentacles, shapeshifting
  • Reproduction method: Egg laying (requires no fertilization), core-split
  • Desirability as partner (culturally): Rare treat
  • Partakes in regular society: Not civilized to dignified based on size
  • Intercourse method: Lays shifter eggs in hosts, capture and bondage