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A species of humanoid parasitic female flies. Only females exist of this species, and they reproduce by exclusively mating with other species. Offspring born of this species will always be Mosqir, unless the father has exceptionally strong seed (dragons, arc-demons, etc.).

In the wild, the Mosqir is a parasitic species that ambushes and sucks the blood from unsuspecting victims. The saliva they excrete during bloodsucking induces waves of ecstasy in their prey, causing them to cease resistance. This intoxicant has aphrodisiatic properties, making repeat victims more and more docile, even to the point that they seek out hungry Mosqir of their own volition.

Almost all Mosqir are part of the Church of Qir, in whose communes they live and work.

  • Body type: Two long transparent wings, inflatable (with blood) abdomen segment, bloodsucking fangs
  • Gender distribution: 100% female
  • Relation to sex: Reproductive, pleasure, eggs
  • Relation type common: Polyamorous, non-bonding
  • Reproductive bits: Vagina, ovipositor
  • Reproduction method: Sex
  • Desirability as partner (culturally): Common
  • Partakes in regular society: Generally only within the communes of the Church of Qir
  • General disposition: Capturing / luring partners
  • Intercourse method: Regular, egg insertion, bloodsucking, magic substance (saliva transferred during bloodsucking causes cravings)

Mosqir drool cravings

The player can get the condition Mosqir drool cravings (low/mid/high) after having various sexual encounters with the Mosqir. Mosqir drool cravings do not come with any stat penalties, but at higher levels certain diallage options (to refuse certain character's advances) will become unavailable. The Mosqir priestess Adremmada is able to cure this condition.

Having Mosqir drool cravings is a way to unlock some of the sex options with Falzly the Acolyte, bypassing her Libido requirement.