Mox's divine sacrifice

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Mox is looking for a companion in her thrill seeking sexual adventures, she invited you to join her in having some fun with the Mosqir acolytes, and you eagerly agreed to come along.


  • Available since: v0.15.0



Go find an Acolyte of Qir, and ask her if it is possible to arrange a somewhat save orgy.

After talking to Falzly the Acolyte

You have talked with Falzly about the orgy, she could not ensure your safety, and told you to go make a request with the Qir priestess Adremmada instead.

After talking to Adremmada

You have talked with Adremmada about the orgy, she is willing to ensure you won't be torn to bits by the hungry acolytes, if you play along with her ceremony. Go talk to her again if you wish to start the event.

After the orgy has finished

You have joined Mox in her Mosqir escapades, return to the her in the Church of Qir to turn in the quest.