Mox Milledew

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Mox Milledew


A Kobold student in her early twenties, whose heart longs for adventure. Some time ago, she got lost in the underground when attempting to find and photograph a mimic outbreak. However, she was unable to locate the mimics, and instead she got poisoned by Hornspores, living her at the whims of the underground's dangerous inhabitants. Eventually she was found by Greater slime Tenoxy, a fate better then being eaten alive, but poisonous in its own right.

Even after leaving the underground, the encounter with both the Hornspores and Greater slime have left left their marks, causing her to feel the a constant craving for the dangerous pleasures of the underworld.

  • Class: [Bard]
  • Level: 15
  • Sexual orientation: Attracted to: feminine appearance or monstrous features, preferably both
  • Gender: Female

Sex scenes

After finding Mox being harassed in the entrance of the Church of Qir and rescuing her, you can go talk to her in the bar area of the temple. After talking about 'her problem', you will be able to join her on a series of wild escapades.

Mox's mushroom dinner

Join Mox in her adventures with the local Hornspore Clusters.

  • Requirements: Available by talking to her after chatting about 'her problem'.

Mox's divine sacrifice

Join Mox as she tries to organize a Mosqir orgy.

  • Available since: v0.15.0

Mox's mind control adventure

Join Mox as she tries to get involved with some mind control shenanigans.

  • Available since: v0.2.16.0


Mox' portrait image crashes the uploader every time I try to add it to this wiki. This baffling technical difficulty is the reason why she has a background on this page. Because somehow it work if I add a background.


After completing all the requirements, ask her to join by talking to her in the Church of qir.