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Nudibranchs are aquatic slugs-like humanoids hailing from the deep sea. Their bodies come in almost every color and pattern imaginable, depending on the sub-species. Most of their form is humanoid of shape, albeit with skin far more smooth and rubbery compared to humans. From their hips, their torso continues in a slug-like hind segment, reaching all the way to the floor. Their backs are covered in many rows of floppy cerata, large fleshy appendages capable of delivering a poisonous sting. As deep ocean dwellers, most of them stay far away from the realm of the strange land-walkers.

Like most slug-likes, Nudibranchs are born with both sex organs, and during mating both partners insert their penis in the other's vagina, causing both participants to be fertilized. For this reason, no concept of gender exists in Nudibranch society, and they are often baffled by the peculiarities the other species have developed around their asymmetric anatomy.

  • Body type: Medium sized underwater slugs, they come in various dazzling colors
  • Gender distribution: 100% hermaphrodite
  • Relation to sex: Pleasure, social bonding
  • Reproductive bits: Long-flexible-hooked penis, vagina
  • Reproduction method: Sex
  • Desirability as partner (culturally): Rare treat
  • Partakes in regular society: Nudibranchs mostly remain in the sea, and are rarely seen partaking in the business of land-dwellers
  • Intercourse method: Two-way intercourse