Office Schmuck

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Office schmuck is a Journeyman Class, one of the most common in modern society. It is gained when one's work becomes their life, like an inescapable prison. When you wake up, you work. When you relax, you do so to escape work. When you hang with friends, they are your friends from work. Even when you dream, you dream of work, because your life consists of little else.

To add insult to injury, it is one of the weakest classes, even weaker than some Stater classes. Coming with a low stat base, and next to no skills. One's Job (active class) might be reset to [Office schmuck] if they lose their passion, even if better classes are available to them.


  • [Paperwork efficiency] Get a 50% speed increase when filling in paperwork.
  • [Inspect] Magic skill that allows you to discern information about an object in sight.