Old Rogschard

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Rogschard is the legendary monster [[Guilds|Guild] that got disbanded under mysterious circumstances 15 years ago. It was counted among the 5 great guilds of Greater Amsterdam, even though it was operating fully outside of the law. Its monstrous army of operatives was loyal to the grave and beyond, and they were one of the few forces holding back the expanding cooperate monolith that was overtaking the city.

Rumors say its old headquarters were located somewhere in Webcanals east district, the place where you live and work. However, despite a great Dungeon complex that was unearthed here, after Rogschard's fall, the headquarters have never been found. Many of the city's citizens look back somewhat fondly on the guild for bringing a feeling of resistance to an ever corporatizing world, and creating raiding and monster hunting business for the other work starved guilds.