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Slimes are some of the first monsters to manifest in a young dungeon. When they are of low-level, their intelligence equals that of your average amoeba, reacting to nothing but the presence of nearby food. During this stage, they are little more then a magic construct, soulless machines seeking to replicate. Some slimes will obtain self awareness after they become of a high enough level, but most won't come that far, and will spend their entire lives digesting algae and bugs in the murky underground. Although, in the magic and food rich environment that is the dungeon, their is a chance of this story ending very differently.

  • Body type: Formless
  • Gender distribution: 100% genderless, appearance and sexuality may differ depending on the Slime's food preference
  • Relation to sex: Obtaining fluids and genetic material
  • Relation type common: Non bonding
  • Reproductive bits: Free floating core and seed cores, capable of merging with nearby genetic material do duplicate themselves
  • Reproduction method: Splitting, seed core injection into a host
  • Partakes in regular society: Monstrous until they evolve into Greater Slimes