The slimy one

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The slimy one


A creature of countless limbs, tentacles, and other pieces of assorted anatomy stands before you. Despite its sheer bulk and utter absurdity, it approaches you with a bounce in its slithering step. Orifices pucker all over its surface, as phallic masses wiggle with the up-and-down of their gait.

  • Class: [Tentacled bard]
  • Level: 14
  • Gender: ???
  • Species: Horror


The slimy one can be found in the Underground north, and Underground south.

Abandoned subway

The The slimy one will not be hostile. Your attacks do nothing There is no way to lose this fight except fleeing or getting overwhelmed with lust.

  • To win: Strip -> Do sex moves until the happiness meter is full
  • If you have started the quest Trouble down below, you will get an extra scene at the end

Abandoned subway (simulated)

After completing the quest Trouble down below, all other encounters will result in simulated fights against the The slimy one.

Update history

  • Available since v0.2.10.0