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Werebats are tall blood-drinking bats, fully folded out, their wingspan reaches up to 3 to 4 times the hight of an adult male. Their wings are cumbersome, even with the ultra light bone structure and very thin wing-flaps. Due to the size of their appendages, Werebats require a large amount of space to move around in comfortably, making them often get stuck in doorways and on hanging drapery in public spaces. In the wild, Werebats can supplement their diets with blood in order to survive. However, unlike the Mosqir, their urge to drink blood is not all consuming, and they can easily be sated with nutrient supplements.

During the blood riots, the Werebats largely aligned themself with the Vampires, leading to their eventual defeat and slaughter after the Church of Qir switch sides and aligned themselves with the great guilds. The remaining Werebats tend hold a grudge against the Mosqir and their allies for this betrayal.

  • Body type: Tall and slender, large bat-like wings, sensitive ears
  • Gender distribution: 50% male / 50% female
  • Relation to sex: Pleasure, social bonding
  • Reproductive bits: Penis, vagina
  • Reproduction method: Sex
  • Partakes in regular society: Werebats are relatively rare, with most having been hunted to extinction during the blood riots, but those who survive appear relatively well adapted to modern life