Dungeon building

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How to unlock

Finish the quest a dog eager to dig after completing the prologue.

How it works

Inside the dungeon, there are empty plots, unused spaces within the labyrinth. On these plots you can build various buildings depending on the type of room it is in. For instance, inside a Moist room, you can build a Slime nest, while inside an Empty chamber you can choose from a Farm, Quarry, Bar, or Grove.

Structures can provide the guild with various benefits like spawning monsters to bolster the dungeon's power and fight in raids. Structures are also needed to house some of Rogschard's recruits. Some of these buildings will also provide a continuous supply of resources, these gains are collected during a Guild meeting.

Alas, nothing is free, and building these structures takes resources from Rogschard's treasury. Most of these supplies can be obtained from raids and resource buildings, but one is more tricky, namely loyalty. Loyalty is consumed whenever something is built, and the only effective way to replenish it is to recruit more members into Rogschard.